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Psychiatry Drug Alerts​​

In this month's issue...​

  • Quetiapine/Venlafaxine Interaction
  • Lamotrigine Immune System Reaction
  • Safety of Clozapine Rechallenge
  • Clozapine and All-Cause Mortality
  • Aripiprazole–Sertraline in Resistant Depression
  • Mazindol for Adult ADHD
  • Lofexidine for Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Cardiovascular Safety of Antismoking Agents
  • Brexpiprazole Versus Lurasidone

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Alerts

In this month's issue...

  • Saffron Extract for Anxiety and Depression
  • Marijuana Legalization and Adolescent Health
  • Treating Anxiety in Emerging Adulthood
  • Pediatric Asenapine
  • Aripiprazole vs Quetiapine: QT Effects

Psychiatry Alerts NOS​​​

In this month's issue...

  • Suicidal Ideation as Specific rTMS Target
  • Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression
  • Dementia Risk After ECT
  • Preventive Cognitive Therapy and Depression Relapse
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Thyroid Disease

​​Primary Care Drug Alerts​​​

In this month's issue​...
  • Erenumab for Migraine Prevention
  • DPP-4 Inhibitors and IBD
  • Legal Marijuana and Adolescent Health
  • Mazindol for Adult ADHD
  • Lamotrigine Immune System Reaction
  • Lofexidine for Opioid Withdrawal

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