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Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Alerts
​A guide to evidence-based practice on the best ways to: 

  • Provide safe and appropriate therapy.
  • Diagnose, assess, and manage psychiatric and behavioral disorders. 
  • Identify risk factors and early interventions for psychiatric and behavioral disorders.

To give you some idea of what you can expect from Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Alerts, here's a 
sample of titles from past issues...

Increased Diabetes Risk with Antipsychotics
Psychosocial Treatments for Bipolar Disorders
One-Session Treatment for Specific Phobias
Guanfacine: Morning vs. Evening Dosing
Integrated Behavior Therapy for Selective Mutism
Computerized Decision Aid for ADHD Evaluation

The alerts in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Alerts are well-written, easy to read updates from a diverse selection of journals. You can be assured that Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Alerts is timely and thorough. We actually screen over 20,000 citations per week. You can also be assured of objectivity, because Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Alerts is independent. There is no sponsorship or advertisers of any kind. In fact we call attention to manufacturer sponsored studies.